Friday, March 27, 2020

ATM Street Artist Paints Endangered Species to Spread Awareness

Last year, I blogged about the London based street artist who goes by the name ATM. He paints murals of endangered species in hope that they will catch attention of passer-bys and make them think about the their plight and help.

"Birds are often the most noticeable creatures to disappear, their loss the warning sign that something is fundamentally wrong in the way we treat our environment. They are the canary in the mine.

We as human beings are very much a part of the whole web of nature, dependent on a healthy environment like every other living creature. It is so easy to forget this in our modern industrialized world where we are insulated by comfort and technology. We must learn a greater love and respect for other living things if we are to avert global disaster."

The artist has been painting bare walls all over London in collaboration with London National Park City and local businesses to bring awareness about the needed change in modern techniques of farming, city planning and local Council approaches to public land.

You can see more of his work from the past and follow his work Instagram for new work.