Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Flora and Fauna Inspired Paintings by Catherine Earle

Catherine Earle was born and raised in France, where she studied at a National Art School of France, Ecole des Beaux-Art, in Nimes. Later, she moved to the US where she studied watercolor with Zoltan Szabo and encaustic with Daniella Woolf.

She spent early years of her childhood on a flower farm on South of France. She would inspect the flowers and get lost for many hours observing their shapes and colors. Nature is a huge part of her work often featuring animals peeking through the floral vines and other natural elements. The artist uses acrylic paints and paints them in layers giving a sense of transparency and a subtle light to the paintings. Her signature styled translucent circular watercolor marks seem to be glowing in the painting, give an ethereal quality to her work.

She has exhibited at various galleries including The Haen Gallery in Asheville NC, The Art Spirit Gallery in Coeur d’Alene ID, Radius Gallery in Missoula MT and the Union Co-Op, Seattle WA.

She has been featured for her paintings as a “Artist in the Studio,“ in the magazine Western Art & Architecture. Her work also got featured in The Essential Guide, Spokane - Coeur d’Alene – Walla Walla, and in the book 500 Chairs by LarkBooks.