Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Artist Communicates The Bird Extinction Crisis Through His Murals

London based street artist ATM celebrates the beauty of birds and the alamaring crisis of extinction through his enormous murals. He urges to people through his paintings to notice how humans have played a role in disapperenace of raptors. Our modern farming methods often destroy the rough pastures and wild places where these birds live, hunt and nest. His hope is that we can join hands in bringing about fundamental change in modern farming practices, and city planning to avert global disaster. 

"Raptors are important for complete and healthy ecosystems. They cannot be excluded without significant imbalance for the whole web of interconnected species of plants and animals."

His bird murals are on walls across London, Bristol,Poland and Norway. You can learn more about the birds on his Instagarm and have a chance to grab a limited edition print of these birds before they are gone.