Monday, March 30, 2020

Stunning Landscapes and Animal Portraits Painted With Yarn and Fabric


Kirsten Chursinoff is a textile artist from Vancouver, Canada. Growing up, she learnt and worked with her grandmother on embroidery, needle work, knitting, and sewing projects. For making her art Kristen works with simple materials like yarn and fabric, and turns them into beautiful illustrations. The artist uses a combination of embroidery, felting, quilting, beading and other textile techniques.

She makes fiber art using free-motion machine embroidery on a domestic sewing machine. Her work has a painting like feel, there are many layers of fabric and embroidery that are stitched by machine and finished by hand (sometimes she has to use pliers to pull the needle from fabric). To make her work she also uses scraps from other crafters and found materials.

She gets the inspiration for her work from trails, neighborhood parks and community gardens in her neighborhood. She likes to take pictures and look at books on art to research on the piece she is going to work on; she cuts colorful pieces of fabric and keeps arranging them until she finds something she likes. To learn more about her work and to take a closer look at her work join her on facebook.