Monday, February 24, 2020

Artist Paints Wildlife Posing With Flower Bouquets Against Beautiful Background



Heather Gauthier is mostly a self-taught artist. She spent over a decade living and working in Chicago and Africa before she moved to San Antonio. She has always been interested in creating things, drawing and painting nature inspired artwork where wildlife thrives. She spent her early years of childhood with her brother who was intrigued by art and they both relied on their imagination for creating artwork. Her years of exploration helped hone her skills and she created a distinct style that comes from her deep love for aesthetics.

Her work is bold and filled with rich colors. She is inspired by vintage and contemporary graphic and textile designs. She adds a playful feel to her work by adding beads, hats and flowers to her animals who pose against damask style backgrounds.

She creates these paintings from her home studio, and shows her work at local cafes and galleries. Her work has been featured on the PBS program ARTS and HGTV, and has become a part of the permanent collection at the new children's museum in San Antonio.