Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ceramics With Cut Edges to Match the Wings of the Raised Birds

Utuwaya Mitasu is a ceramic artist from Japan. She creates functional ceramics including cups, plates, bowls, vases and much, much more. Her pieces are like poetry featuring flora and fauna in pastel hues that bring the delicate feel to her work. She shaves of the edges of her pottery to match the shape of the subject she picked for the piece. For example: the sides of a plate cut into the shape of the wings of a humming bird, or into the shape of floral vines surrounding the owl. Her cups usually have a three dimensional butterfly perched on the edge.

These ceramics featuring raised hopping bunnies, deer in midst of woodland, humming bird drinking nectar, owls flying in an open sky will instantly bring whimsy to any dining table. You can go to her blog to learn more about her work and to get updates on her upcoming show.


Barbara said...

délicat original poétique une superbe découverte merci !