Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Intricate Sculptures Made Using Discarded Books by Isobelle Ouzman

Isobelle Ouzman is a paper artist currently living in Seattle, WA. She creates three dimensional fairy-tale inspired narratives often featuring owls, birds and landscapes using discarded materials. It all started when she saw a box of old hardback novels by a dumpster and decided to take them home with her to give them a second chance.

"I pour my enthusiasm for nature and fairy-tales into every page I work with, in hopes of creating just a little bit of magic. I am a quiet lady, but my imagination is wild and noisy, and these books full of words allow me to speak the images that weave through my mind, daily."

The books she uses to make her art are either damaged, discarded or donated by people who no longer want them. She carefully repairs the books before she begins to carve into them. To make these altered books she uses micron pens, watercolor pencils, an x-acto knife and glue. Depending on the intricacy of the piece, it can take anywhere from two to three months to finish a book.