Thursday, February 27, 2020

Paintings Exploring Similarities Between Human World and Other Living Organisms by Tiffany Bozic

Self-taught artist Tiffany Bozic (blogged previously) is currently working and living in San Francisco, California. Her paintings have a distinct style that often feature hybrid animals and plants that come from her imagination. In her work, she aims to demonstrate similarities between the human world and other living organisms, such as the process of reproduction, emotions, growth and the struggle for survival. She get inspiration for her wide range of work from closely observing nature and her constant exploration of nature with her husband who is an ornithologist. She paints mostly on wood using washes of acrylic paints building layer by layer. She has learnt and developed her own technique of masking and staining the maple panels she uses to paint on.

Tiffany has complied her work from the last six years in her recently launched book "Unnatural Selections”. The artist shares here “Since my paintings vary so widely from one to the next, I feel it’s important to be able to see them together as a continual ecosystem. Each contributes something to a larger dialog, and together they explore how we relate to each other and the natural world.” Her art has been exhibited all over the US and has been made a part to the permanent collection at the U.S. Embassy.