Monday, October 28, 2019

Enter The Eerie World Created by Mothmeister

These eerie pictures are a work of anonymous Belgium-based duo aka Mothmeister who give a peek into a surreal world as a reaction against today's selfie culture and beauty standards marketed by mass media. 

Ever since they were kids they have been fascinated by legends and fairy tales. They are avid collectors of masks, taxidermy and costumes. Over 25 years of collection and the characters from their imagination brought the "Wounderland" to fruition. 

The talented artists and passionate taxidermy collectors travel through the world taking photos of creepy masked creatures accompanied by an animal at locations that will make hair on your arms stand. 

They have worked in collaboration with international artists including French headpiece designer Candice Angelini, Russian fashion designer Polina Yakobson, the UK-based taxidermist Adele Morse, and textile and mixed media artist Annie Montgomerie. 

Their work has amassed over 200K followers on Instagram. You can find art prints, postcards and recently released book with 272 pages of fascinating pictures in their online store.