Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Vintage Rusty Objects Turned Into Retro Robots and Steampunk Critters

Robin Davis started her professional career in children's illustration but now is dedicated full-time to making 3d sculptures. Her journey in building robots was influenced by her three year old son Connor's doodle. She creates retro robots and steampunk critters using rustic found objects. She uses antique parts, aged tins, reclaimed wood, recycled paper, glass, leather, vintage objects from her collection and from friends.

“I’m in creative heaven. For years, my sketchbooks were filled with dreamt-up vintage styled robots, birds wearing funky steam-punk top hats, and old world characters. It is here and now, as I make them come to life in my “laboratory,” that I feel most awake as an artist and creator.” via

She has won People’s Choice Award at Bronte’s Art in the Park in Oakville for her work. She will be participating at The Handmade Market, Scotiabank Convention Centre from Nov. 22 through 24. If you are in the area then you can see her creation in person. For originals, pillows, jewelry and other products visit her online store.