Friday, October 25, 2019

Stunning Hand-Sawn Jewelry by Appaloosa Designs



Chelsea Born is a self-taught jewelry maker based in Athens, GA. Her designs have a delightful raw and rustic feel which goes so well with the theme - nature, in her work. The rings, necklaces, and bracelets feature feathery creatures and enchanting forest scenes all made by hand in the artist's home studio.

Chelsea studied ecology in school and later on found a job at a wildlife zoo where she spent time around native wildlife, she now works at a wildlife rescue. These experiences of being around animals influenced her jewelry design.

Her work is primarily done in solid sterling silver and gemstones. She has a huge collection of stones, she starts her piece my picking up a stone and working a design around it. She uses a hand saw to carve out designs, hand cuts and pierces the metal for texture and detail.

To find out about her new work, upcoming shows and event follow her on Instagram. Her pieces sell very fast so if you want to buy something then keep an eye on her online store Appaloosa Designs.