Thursday, October 31, 2019

Automaton Sculptures Depicting Animals and Ghosts by Jamie Winn

Jamie Winn is a New Orleans artist who specializing in eerie automaton art often done on wood using watercolors.

She got intrigued by the automaton when see saw it for the first time on TV when she was only a little girl. Ghost Light Gallery was started by the artist to showcase her creations with an objective of leaving viewer in a complete awe.

Her kinetic sculptures depict nighttime animals and ghosts, and have a vintage quality to them. The pieces are constructed to mimic moments of a human and an animal, from the ways the joints move to their walking style. Her work is inspired by the animals, she would spend time observing them in their natural environment and try to recreate that inside a wooden box.

Each illustration is sketched onto wood, cut and hand-sanded before they are attached to gears and pulleys. Once the movement is perfected the details are painted. You can watch her pieces in action in the brief videos posted above. To see her available artwork for purchase visit her online store.