Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Telephone - Picture Book by Mac Barnett

I loved these illustrations the moment I set my eyes on them. They seemed to me a work of a genius artist and I was not wrong. Telephone is a witty picture book for children by award-winning and bestselling author Mac Barnett which is illustrated by Jen Corace. Telephone is a take on the old game of telephone or "pass it on" on a telephone wire with birds. A mama bird says: "Tell Peter: Fly home for dinner." What makes the whole thing funny is that each bird understands the original message according to its own very particular hobby distorting it completely. The birds have unique personalities and expressive faces. The wise owl plays a vital role filtering all the distortion and delivering the original message at the end. 

It's a light-hearted, silly story with amazing illustrations and characters that preschoolers will love to listen to repeatedly. 

“Raucous avian take on the old-school children’s game, in which the action takes place, naturally, on a telephone wire.” -  New York Times

“Delightful. . . The idea that one’s own passions affect the way one engages with the world is . . . presented with verve and humor.” - Publishers Weekly, starred review.

You can download the owl image, second from the top, as a free desktop wallpaper from Chronicle Books blog here. The book can be purchased from Amazon and Chronicle Books.


Iris said...

Thanks for the heads up. Will be adding this to my reading list.