Monday, August 3, 2015

Onszelf Kids Wallpapers and Posters

{1. Onszelf owls wallpaper, 2. Onszelf mini deer,3. Onszelf silver cars and stars, 4. Onszelf stars}

{5. Onszelf black and white kids poster 6. Onszelf rabbit poster, 7. Onszelf cheers, 8. Onszelf polka dots}

Amsterdam based brand Onszelf was founded in 2003 by Claudia DrĂ¼be and Astrid Nieuwenburgwho are also the designers. They offer a wide range of wallpaper collection with lovely prints as well as custom make wallpaper to any size and design. You are sure to find something that you'll love to put in your room and your kid's room, or any other room in the house. There are kids friendly prints like stars, animals, cars and more that I picked out for this post but there are more sophisticated prints suitable for grown up space.  

Check out their website for posters, fabrics, tablecloth, tableware and postcards. You can find out here if they ship to your country or go to Just Kids Wallpaper to find the shipping rate to your country.