Friday, August 7, 2015

Perler Beads Art That Looks Like Embroidery

These awesome art pieces depicting animals are made with teeny tiny beads. Yes, I wrote that correctly. If one doesn't  know that perler beads are used  to make these artwork, it's easy to assume that they were done with cross stitch embroidery. Especially the owl on the top looks like as if it's created with hundreds of cross stitches. I completely love how the brightly colored beads make the animal faces pop on the dark background. Something like this needs lot of patience and is a painstaking task.

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Unknown said...

Hi i also do perler bead art and was wandering what method you use to stop the beads bending whilst you iron large projects

Cindy said...

Are these beads ironed at all? These pieces of art are AMAZING!!! So impressive. :)

My Owl Barn said...

I agree, these are amazing bead work. Thanks for stopping by :)