Friday, April 9, 2021

Odin Parker Curates Toys That Help Feed Children In Need

Atila and Blakeslee is the couple who founded Odin Parker and run is out of their home in Oregon. The sweet little brand has a story behind it, when they were expecting their son they went shopping for cool toys. Much to their disappointment they could not find anything that matched their style, and at the same time was suitable for a baby boy.

That night, the couple searched online and came across small businesses who made the kind of toys they were looking but they were mostly sold abroad. This was the beginning to Odin Parker, a brand that curates gender neutral toys and accessories that are loved by the babies and parents alike. 

The lovely collection of wooden toys featuring adorable animals, objects, pretend play sets, and puzzles are made with ash and beech wood, and painted with non-toxic water based paint. Also, they have partnered with Children's Hunger Fund to feed children in need. Each product on their website is associated with a number meals which helps them know how much to donate to the non-profit partner. Find more details and the products on their website.