Thursday, April 8, 2021

Paintings Nestled in Beautiful Glass Frames with Dried Flowers

Katie LeVan is a full time artist presently working and living in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 2013, Katie finished her graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Mercyhurst University. Besides being an artist she is an outdoor adventurer who explores nature through colors and textures in her artwork. 

Her paintings feature lot of elements from the world around us, dried flowers are often seen as an embellishment in her work. She picks up flowers on her walks with her dog and dries them by pressing them between books before laminating then for sturdiness. She then sands the sharp edges before they are set into beautiful glass frames along with her paintings.

"Nature is dually exciting and calm. The bold, quick strokes of the palette knife in my landscapes mimic the often fast and exciting energy we find around us, while allowing the paint to lay precisely where it wants to, as if it knows where it wants to exist in the world. In contrast, the pressed flower elements that I often incorporate are delicate, peaceful, and directly from the Earth. This harmonious balance is what makes each day in our world a beautiful thing. Through my work, I hope to portray the natural beauty that exists outside of each of our doors for others to appreciate."

She currently works as a Gallery Director at Stonewall Gallery. Her role entails finding fresh talent for shows, curating art, and displaying artwork, and working closely with her team behind the scenes work. Katie has received Honorable Mention at Campbell Pottery’s annual In the Garden Art Show and has been honored with a Purchase Award for two of her pieces from Mercyhurst University. These paintings are now in the permanent collection that the University on display at its main building.