Monday, April 12, 2021

Chris Buzelli's Paintings Where Creatures From Real and Imaginative Worlds Live Together

Chris Buzelli is a freelance artist and illustrator born in Chicago and presently living in NY with his wife SooJin, who is also an artist, and their miniature pinscher, Sota. He creates surreal paintings depicting where larger-than-life creatures from the real and imaginative worlds co-exist. His whimsical work uses an array of vivid color palette and bold shapes.

"Buzelli's visual world is a dramatically lit, colorful and often uneasy parallel universe, populated by outsized creatures, real and imagined; childlike figures sometimes share this landscape, tiny and vulnerable beside massive predators or mythic monsters." via

After completing his graduation from Rhode Island School of Design in 1995, Chris moved to New York City and started his career as a full-time illustrator. The seed of creativity was sown in his consciousness when he was just a little boy and used to paint with his grandfather while watching the television. He still uses oil paints for his artwork.

He has created art for editorial and book clients including Rolling Stone magazine, The New York Times, The New Republic, The Washington Post, Harper's, Newsweek, Abrams Books, Penguin Random House, and Picador. His list of ad clients include ESPN Creative Networks, Taco Bell, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Sundance Film Festival, Macy's, Sony, Facebook, United Airlines, MGM Resorts, and Saatchi & Saatchi to name a few.