Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Adorable Alien Brooches by Karen Suzuki Of Nameless Wonders

Scottish creator Karen Suzuki of Nameless Wonders hand-makes textile mixed media animal brooches. The series of unique brooches feature familiar animal beings that are hand-stitched by the artist using traditional embroidery techniques and altered textiles.

The artist has given these creatures unusual names - "messy kitty", "angry chicken", "very bad panda", "fishy alien" and "mouse owl". Despite their quirky names and forms they are absolutely endearing for their personalities and uniqueness.

Her work is inspired by battered old toys, animators like Aardman Animation and the Quay Brothers, illustrations of Edward Lear and Spike Milligan, artists Jean Dubuffet and Louise Bourgeois, and inspiration from the animal kingdom and all sorts of fabrics.

To find our more about her work follow her on Instagram. For her sculptures, brooches, and puppets visit her online store.