Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Jessica Woodward Of Shark Bite Ink

Jessica Woodward is an artist and a printmaker from London Ontario, she has been making prints for over 20 years. She always wanted to be an artist but it wasn't until she was in 11th grade she took her first printmaking class and graduated in the Beal Art program. After graduating, Jessica attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and graduated with a BFA major in Fine Art (printmaking) and a minor in Drawing and Art History.

Her newest series of illustrations feature owls, skulls, cats, ravens and other patterns. Jessica creates these prints in her home studio which has an etching press and a silkscreen table. 

Her art is decorating the Palasad South and the Palasad Social Bowl, and has designed for several local business, band logos and for the Toboggan Breweries Lunatic Fridge beer, LCBO.

You can find her art prints, greeting cards, t-shirts and other products on her online store Shark Bite Ink.