Monday, October 5, 2020

Figurative Artwork Painted on Salvaged Wood by Barbara Johansen Newman

Barbara Johansen Newman is a figurative artist who works with acrylic paint and assemblage. Before she dedicated herself full-time to painting she used to make puppets, write stories and perform at shows. For more than 10 years Barabara worked as a fiber artist, creating soft dolls and sculptures that she exhibited at various craft shows in US and Canada.

Now she creates unique assemblage, painting bold and colorful portraits and figurative subjects on antique breadboards, unlikely wooden surfaces, embellishing with metal scraps and other found objects. "With these details, I seek to capture a fragment of a tale that is, or was, or has the promise to become. If I’ve done my job, the viewer will have enough visual clues to unravel the implied narrative. In short, I guess that makes me a storyteller with a hammer and a brush."

You can learn more about her work and view more of her creations on Instagram.