Monday, August 17, 2020

Everyday Objects Incorporated Into Minimalist Drawings To Create Delightful Artwork


Jesuso Ortiz is a Spanish illustrator and designer. He currently lives in Málaga, Spain. He creates unique colorful illustrations combining his illustrations and everyday objects and food items. For instances: he uses half apple to make an owl's head, flower petals to give ears to a bunny.

His creativity knows no boundaries, he uses a whole range of things from buttons to blackberries, to grapefruit, to lemons and incorporates them in his drawings. The common everyday objects paired with his minimalist drawings produce eye-catching artwork in vibrant colors. The simplicity of his style has gained him over 200k followers on Instagram from all around the world. Check out his work from before and what is he working on currently on Instagram.


Rebecca said...

How delightful! I am following him now. I think I am not the only person you steered his way; I saw very recent comments on some older posts.

Barbara said...

hi hi hi !!!