Thursday, August 20, 2020

New Products From Tukoni Tribe by Oksana Bula

Ukrainian artist Oksana Bula is the creator and the designer behing Tukoni Tribe. She has created a series of adorable characters whom she calls 'little tukonies'. The Tukoni members live in the woodland created with delicate textured watercolors. These characters seem to be from children's picture books living together in harmony with the natural world surrounding them.

"They are the forest habitants and the best friends of forest. They take care about the plants and the animals. This is not their job, this is their favorite thing to do."

Her characters can now be found on tote bags. These bags are printed on heavy cotton featuring cassiopeia owl, ursa minor, wolf orion, starry hare and stingray designs that glow in the dark.

If you have been on a look out for a beautiful puzzle set, then her online store has 70 piece jigsaw puzzles for kids in four different designs.

Some of her new products include t-shirts which I completely love! They are available in both men and women styles in assortment of colors.

For those of you who like to send personalize hand notes, make sure you check out her postcard collection in over 50 designs in her online store - Tukoni Tribe.