Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Tiny Seashells Artwork By Russian Artist Marina Alexandrova

Hi everyone, look what I stumbled upon. This wonderful artwork made with seashells by Marina Alexandrova. I couldn't find her website and her presence on any of the popular social media websites. I did a learning searching online and learnt that she is a talented Russian artist. Marina Alexandrova is also a member of prestigious Russian Artist Union. She has authored “Seashells and Coastal Decor”.

Marina's artwork is highly detailed, I couldn't believe my eyes that she painted them with seashells. Her work is colorful and range from variety of subject matters including animals, landscapes, fictional creatures and abstract designs. She first got inspired by the colors, textures and shapes of the seashells she saw on her beach vacations. She uses colored seashells in her paintings, she never paints them. It's time consuming and painstaking to arrange each shell accurately one tiny shell at a time that results into a final masterpiece.