Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Intricate Etchings Brought To Life Using Watercolors by Marina Terauds

Marina Terauds is a printmaker who was born in Russia, spent most of her life in Latvia and currently living in Michigan, US. I have featured her and her amazing etchings on the blog here. She creates these gorgeous artwork using etching technique. She draws with a tool on a metal plate and then the etched lines are incised by acid revealing the intricate details. These lines are then transferred onto paper bring the imaginative creatures, animals and birds to life using watercolors. Each print is hand pulled and unique in nature. 

Birds are a recurring theme in her work: "I love birds, they are my favorite creatures. My husband and I are passionate birdwatchers. We feed them, we read about them, we watch them everywhere, and I draw birds daily. I do etchings, sketches, study drawings, and then some allegorical and symbolic compositions about birds." via

To see more of her work and to see images behind the scene visit her on Instagram.