Monday, March 14, 2016

Etchings by Marina Terauds

Latvian artist Marina Terauds received her Master's degree in printmaking from Latvian Academy of Arts and in art pedagogy from Latvian State University. After graduating, she taught arts and art history, and worked as an artist-animator at the film studio 'RIJA' in Riga. 

She currently lives and works from Michigan as a printmaker. Her passion in etching and mezzotint is reflected in her prints, illustrations, ex libris and miniatures in different graphic techniques. Her amazingly detailed work covers various subject matters with the recurring theme of owls, birds, and insects. Terauds prints are all hand printed using the traditional printmaking methods that have remained unchanged in over 400 years. You can visit her online store for artwork that's available for purchase.

"In an interview she did for Pressurescapes, she shares about her relationship with birds, one of the main subject matters in her work: “I love birds, they are my favorite creatures. My husband and I are passionate birdwatchers. We feed them, we read about them, we watch them everywhere, and I draw birds daily” - via.

She has participated in solo as well as group exhibitions all over the world. Her work has been awarded with many awards including the 1st prize of International exhibition of Small Graphic Art in Beius, Romania, 1st prize of International Exhibition of Ex libris "Ciurlionis-120" in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Medal of The 3rd Biennale of Ex libris in Warsaw, Poland.


JCotton said...

Absolutely beautiful etchings with fantastic detail. A very talented artist!