Friday, August 7, 2020

Ceramic Sculptures With Amazing Detail By David Cooke

David Cooke is a sculptor from who lives and works from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. In 1992, David graduated with a degree in 3D Design from Leeds Metropolitan University. Ever since he has been sculpting all sorts of wildlife animals specialzing in reptiles and birds. 

He has over 40 years of experience working in clay but he has not restricted his art to a single material. David uses wide variety of media including bronze for his work making his pieces suitable for both outdoors as well as indoor. "Being able to cast my own bronzes has allowed me to attempt shapes and compositions that would have been completely impractical in ceramic.”

The artist finds inspiration for his work from the shapes in the natural world. He captures the characteristics and the beauty of the subject in his sculpture. He is known for his unique techniques such as his large galapagos tortoises are all constructed as a hollow form formed using coils of clay. His birds often have legs constructed in steel and resin for stability.

He exhibits his work at galleries and art events throughout the UK and is commissioned to create for private collectors. He has won several awards including Overall Runner-Up in the prestigious Wildlife Artist of The Year competition at Mall Galleries.