Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Georgie Seccull Creates Large-Scale Sculptures From Salvaged Steel

Georgie Seccull is an award winning artist based in Sydney, Australia. She first started making installations for bookstores and gallery exhibitions. Her first huge piece of a mechanical girl was for Penthouse Mouse which kick started her career as a sculptor. Mostly self-taught, Georgie creates large-scale installations from new and salvaged materials. 

Her steel sculptures is an exploration of search of meaning in midst of unending cycle of creation and destruction. The animal sculptures are inspired by the cycle of birth, death and rebirth in both natural and unnatural world.

“We are born out of chaos in darkness and come into the light– my process is much the same: I begin with a thousand pieces scattered on the ground, then working almost like a jigsaw puzzle, I pick them up one by one and allow each piece to come together organically and dictate the outcome.”

The artist sculpts these massive sculptures by hand, cutting and bending several layers of hard pieces of metal into feathers and furs. The fluidity is her pieces cannot be missed, the artist looks at references to incorporate muscular structure moves to match with the movement she has in mind.

You can visit her website to view more of her creations and join her on Instagram for updates on new work.


Barbara said...

très aérien waouhhh merci !