Monday, August 10, 2020

Stunning Hand-Torn Paper Collages By Alexandra Milton

Alexandra Milton is a collage artist born in 1967 in Paris now lives in London. Growing up, she watched her father a distinguished German-born watercolour artist Wolfram Aichele, at work. Also, her childhood days spent with her grandfather that included visits to the aviaries and studio filled with other artwork, urged her to capture the beauty of the natural world in through her work.

She has developed her own unique artistic style, to make animals, birds and plants collages she uses handtorn or cut paper. She collects paper from around the world and weaves into them multiple layers to form a masterpiece.

She draws inspiration for her work from medieval bestiaries, Chinese scroll paintings, Indian Tree of life wall hangings, Islamic Iznik tiles, Victorian dome jar bird displays and the works of John White and Sarah Stone.

She has published children's books out of which one titled 'Call Me Gorgeous' was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal and was also selected as a Bookstart title and Bookbuzz title. She also runs art classes for children as well as adults.