Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Unique Animal Inspired Necklaces and Rings by J Topolski

J Topolski is a jewelry maker based in New York City. She designs and creates unique jewelry pieces mainly inspired by animals and bees. Every piece is individually handmade in her studio. To craft her jewelry the artist uses the traditional acid-etching, wax hand carving, metal-smithing, and eco-friendly resin. She has also started to work with stones, she adds gemstones to accent the pieces. 

The owl necklace shown on the top is a tribute to the artists's favorite bird - the barn owl. It's hand carved in jeweler's wax and casted in solid sterling silver.

When she is designing a piece she likes to make what interests her and what she believes is unique compared to other options available in the market. Animal theme is one of the most popular themes she gets requests for from her clients and she creates them keeping in mind the on going trend.


A few of the places where her work can be found includes the Harvard Museum of Natural History shop, The Brass Owl, Astoria, Better Than Jam, Bushwick, and Space Montrose, Houston. She works in collaboration with Urban Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitation, and she donates a portion of profits from her squirrel necklaces to them.

You can find her one-of-a-kind necklaces and rings (and more) in her online store - Topolski.


Barbara said...

très réussi merci