Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Amazing Bird Paintings With Bold Brushstrokes By Rachel Altschuler

Rachel Altschuler grew up in bucolic Chester County, Pennsylvania where she spent time playing in the woods and exploring nature trails. Her fondness and love for outdoors eventually influenced her artwork. Rachel earned a degree in Bachelor in Fine Arts in Art Studio and her M.A. in Art Education from Coastal Carolina University.

She has always been passionate about birds which has become a primary theme of her paintings. She tries to capture their unique energy and spirits in her paintings. Her birds are painted in rich colors and bold brushstrokes which makes her work stand out. Every bird has it's own set of traits, so when the artist is painting a bird she focuses on faces and eyes which sparks life into her birds and brings out their unique personalities.

"I believe the eyes are truly windows to the soul, so capturing them is the most important aspect of my process. I also try to accentuate the features I see with each piece through bold use of color, and creation of texture through purposeful brushstrokes."

She has exhibited at numerous galleries in Philadelphia, Colorado and Maine. You can keep an eye on her website for more information on her upcoming shows. You can find her originals, art prints and note cards in her online store.


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