Thursday, June 4, 2020

Life-Size Sculptures Made With Old Metal Sheets And Found Objects

Harriet Mead is an award winning sculptor who creates life-size sculptures of wildlife using old steel scraps. At an early age, she got intrigued by wildlife due to her father who had a great passion for birds and researched for over forty years on feathered creatures. As a child she spent time observing British wildlife which had a great influence on her work. 

Her sculptures fall into two categories - the "true-to-life" for which she uses steel as it enables her to capture the movement of the subject and balance the finished piece in a way that would be hard to achieve if it were constructed out of more traditional material. The rusted old steel scraps give her sculptures raw and aged feel, and "found objects" for sculptures from this category her pieces are entirely made out of scrap tools and discarded metal things. "I love making these pieces as the work is a quirky combination of other people’s junk and my love of the subject. "

Her work is often inspired by a single item and will eventually turn into a life-size creature. The Secateur Billed Vulture is one such piece that started with a pair of seized pruners and finished as a life sized vulture.

Harriet Mead has worked with several organizations internationally to raise awareness and funds for animal charities. Harriet is the President of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

You can find updates about her new work and announcements on the future shows on her Facebook.


Barbara said...

plein de douceur de poésie voire de legèreté malgré le matériau merci

My Owl Barn said...

@Barbara You are right. Despite the fact that these massive sculptures are made out of metal they have a light feel to them.