Monday, May 18, 2020

Circular Paintings by Kahn & Selesnick

Anglo-american duo known as Kahnselesnick is a team of Nicholas Kahn, born in New York City, and Richard Selesnick, born in London, UK. Kahn & Selesnick both received BFA’s from Washington University, and have been working in collaboration since the 1980’s on variety of projects - installations, photography, augury drawings, sculpture and pastel paintings. Each circular painting from the series is inspired by the history, literature, surrealism, and utopian designs.

"The Snowy Owl has grabbed a nine-sided Rat King. Owls represent wisdom, the goddess Athena, and she’s here to rescue the sad tangle of rats from themselves. Rat King’s go back in history to medieval times and are said to portend change and disaster, from which the wisdom of the owl is here to rescue us. Or perhaps, have a very delicious captive snack. – Nicholas Kahn."


They have exhibited their work worldwide in over 100 solo and group exhibitions and their work is in numerous collections including at the Brooklyn Museum of Art; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; The Houston Museum of Art; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; and the Smithsonian Institution.