Friday, May 15, 2020

Artists of NVillustration Create Paper-cut 3D Birds That Look Real

NVillustration is a team of Nayan Shrimali, he cuts the artwork and takes photographs, and Vaishali Chudasama, she paints the artwork. Last time, I featured their 3 dimensional hand-cut paper birds on the blog they were working on Miniature Art series. The series was originally for 365 which was extended to 730 and now to 1000 days!

For over two years the duo has been creating one stunning piece of art every day. I have seen their work grow into more detailed and intricate masterpieces. Their tiniest piece can measure less than an inch from head to tail. The artists spend hours hand-cut paper and hand-paint each one with intricate details and assemble all the layers that look three dimensional.

You can bookmark their online store for originals and art prints. Follow them on Instagram for new creations and to learn more about their work.


Barbara said...

quelle précision impressionnant!