Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Intricately Detailed Bird and Tree Drawings by Dina Brodsky

I discovered Dina Brodsky's amazing work years ago and have been following her work on Instagram ever since. I featured her work on my blog a while ago here. Her new drawings from series "Bird by Bird" and "Trees of Life" caught my attention when I was scrolling through her account and they certainly need to be shared with you.

"Bird by Bird" project started when the artist used to take her new born on walks in a stroller. She began to draw the birds she witnessed into miniature drawings. The project grew over the years included more exotic species depicted in ballpoint pen, watercolor and gouache.


"Trees of Life" is a composition of drawings that the artist drew as a tribute to the trees that are the majestic icon of life. The artist collects photos, stories and artifacts of these "monuments of evolution" from her fellow artists and friends to document them through her drawings. Her drawings are individually drawn in ballpoint pen in sketchbooks and on handmade paper.

"Following their complex topography, nooks, and crannies, I record all their permutations in relentless observational detail. By paying close attention to naturalistic elements I hope to capture a sense of poetic arabesque."

Visit her on Instagram to watch her in action and to learn more about her drawings.


Barbara said...

je suis plus qu 'épatée waouh