Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rachel Thornton Combines Wood Carving and Print Making Techniques To Create Unique Artwork

Rachel Thornton is an artist and a print maker living in the rural Yorkshire Dales. In 2013, Rachel graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. While she was studying, she began to exhibit her artwork world wide including the Wrexham International Print Exhibition. She has been experimenting with various techniques and materials, it is her love for experimentation which has led her into creating a unique artwork. She combines printmaking, painting and wood carving methods to create one off unique artwork. Rachel's original illustration is lino printed on to a carefully selected wood piece, the natural textures and grains of the wood enhances the artwork.

Rachel works from a creative space called STUDIO 42 where she also conducts printmaking workshops. Rachel has shown her work at Art and Craft Fairs around the UK as well as in New York, Pakistan, and Australia. You can follow her creative journey on Instagram for new work, and announcements of workshops and exhibitions. 


Barbara said...

fantastique merveilleux merci merci