Thursday, April 9, 2020

Ell Violet Creates Heirloom Embroidered Gifts and Home Decor

Ell Violet is mixed media artist based in New Zealand. Her career as an embroiderer began in 2016 when she received a huge stash of threads in inheritance. Her hand embroidery is inspired by the natural as well as imaginary world where anything is possible. "Combined with delicate application of embroidery and various textural mediums, her work tells stories about the fragile and teetering existence of her subjects and the world they inhabit."

She carefully picks colors to incorporate in her work and contemplates what details to include in her work. This level of attention makes her "thread painted" pieces look close to real. Each of Ell's work is quite labor intensive and can take hours to finish. Ell creates heirloom and keepsake embroidered pieces that can be cherished for years to come. She also makes series of embroidered home decor items and jewelry. You can find patterns of her designs on her web store that can be downloaded at home to make your own masterpiece.