Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mark Langan Creates Masterpieces Using Used Cardboard Boxes

Mark Langan is a self-taught artist presently living in Brunswick Hills, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland. Since 2004, he has been making amazing sculptures uses cardboard boxes. He explored and experimented with various mediums for as long as he can remember but he finds corrugated boxes and paper as a responsive reclaimed product.

Where you and me will not look at cardboard boxes twice as something that be used for creating art with, Mark has dedicated his life creating masterpieces with this unusual material. Mark uses a razor, knife, cutting edge, rule and a mat, glue and used cardboard to create detailed pieces of art.“It is a green, eco-friendly material that comes into the fold of every person around the globe on a day-to-day basis.” Each of Mark's sculpture takes many hours of patience and labor of love. His projects require him to cut thousands of individual pieces that are glued one after the other. 

Mark's pieces showcased at several eco-friendly events including NASA and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s America Recycles Day, Beachwood’s Green Dream event and at The Ohio Department of Natural Resources. His work was displayed in Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museums in San Francisco and Atlantic City. Mark’s work has been featured in several books and magazines. He has created logo for WKYC-TV, Midwest Box Company, M&M Mars Global, and Propr a clothing brand by David Arquette.


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