Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Artist Turns Birds in Flight Into Bright and Bold Mosaic Sculptures

Kate Rattray is a mosaic artist originally from Devon presently living and working in rural Somerset, UK. She specializes in making bold glass and mosaic art work inspired by nature and mythology. Over the years, the artist has experimented with several kinds of technique to make her art. She now makes mosaic sculptures using sculptural technique with copper wire, cement board, plaster, polystyrene and mosaic skin. She hand gilds glass and acrylic, and uses metal leaf, and silver and gold as well as imitation gold. She makes her own metal leaf glass tiles that she incorporates into her work. Her work often features owls, birds and moths in flight.

She has been awarded professional membership of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen and the Craft and Design Selected Maker Silver Award, Specialist Media. Her work has made to private and public collections all over the world. 

You can find her originals in her online store Odd Little Flock.