Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hyperrealistic Combinations of Flora and Fauna by Lisa Ericson

Lisa Ericson is a Portland based painter who creates hyperrealistic animals that seem to be from a different world. She studied painting at Yale University before starting her career in illustration and graphic design.

She uses acrylics as the medium to paint on wood panels with precise point brushes. She paints multiple layers upon layers to get the rich texture and realism in her work. Her subjects are whimsical hybrid creatures and surreal animals carrying an ecosystem on their backs. From owls perched on a turtle surrounded by birds to deer half submerged into water growing coral from hooves. She chooses the dark background to paint corals, animals and fish that stand out in their striking colors. Depending on the detail and size, it can take Lisa anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to finish a single piece.

She will be exhibiting her work at "Scope" Miami Beach Art Show with Antler Gallery in December. For more details and announcements related to her new work go to Instagram.


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I agree. Lisa's work is exquisite!