Friday, February 15, 2019

Winter Landscapes by Vanessa Bowman

I am so ready to bid Winter goodbye for now. I can't wait for the sunny days, sounds of birds and  flowers filling the gardens. What about you? But before we do that, let's take one last look at snowy white landscapes through the eyes of Vanessa Bowman

Vanessa Bowman graduated from Winchester School of Art with a first class honors degree in Printed Textile Design. Her work is inspired by the textures and patterns of the countryside around her home. "She paints features left by the working of the land, punctuated by seasonal land marks – such as skeletons of trees in winter or hedgerow flowers in summer. Detailed foregrounds of vibrantly coloured berries or hips, delicate snowdrops or cow parsley lead the eye into an intimate portrait of the Dorset landscape."