Monday, February 18, 2019

Clever Doodles Created With Combining Everyday Objects and Drawings

Javier Perez is a graphic designer based in Ecuador who creates amusing illustrations. His clever doodles are made using found objects and drawings for his Instagram account Cinta Scotch. As a child he made characters inspired by his imagination from different kind of materials that were in his reach like plasticine, legos, wood, and cardboard boxes.

His style is very simple and minimal. " I want people to be able to take a break from the saturation of photos in general." The idea of the illustrations can come to him at the most random times from when he is on a bus to when he is on a morning run.

He has won many awards for his work and his work has been published in Huffington Post, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Adobe, and Behance to name a few.