Monday, July 23, 2018

Whimsical Hand Painted Torn Paper Lampshades by Dawn Maciocia


Dawn Maciocia is a Scottish artist who creates collage paintings using hand painted torn papers. She has always loved animals and is the main inspiration behind her work. She is a self-taught artist who enjoys working with hands, she has worked with salt dough, sculpting figurines and moulds for elaborate baking projects. She started her journey as an artist in mixed media and printmaking, and gradually evolved into creating colorful artwork using acrylics, inks and paper collages. 

She constructs whimsical lampshades based on her original illustartions that'll brighten up any corner of your house. The lampshades are designed, printed and handmade with beautiful faux suede in her studio in Fife.

"I find life is so serious most of the time so I deliberately counteract this by creating art that is light-hearted, bright, textured, colorful and often with a little touch of humor to make you smile. My work has been described as whimsical, magical, tactile, funky and unique. The characters I create all have wonderful expressions and the relationships they have with each other create a visual story. Different people see different stories and I like that. My animals have mutual respect for each other so fox and hare live happily side by side."

You can view images behind the process, get update on her new work and announcements on the upcoming events on Instagram