Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Beautiful and Earth-Friendly Paper Goods by Prism of Starlings

Kirsty Baynham is an artist, musician and a poet based in Edinburgh. She started Prism of Starlings in 2011 after graduating with a first class degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art.

She explains the meaning behind the brand name on her profile page: "The brand is stylistically defined by a combination of two main elements – ‘prism’, which represents geometry, symmetry and the pattern making process, and ‘starlings’, representing the strong animal theme to my designs and their importance to me both as an artist and as an individual."

Her love for the animals is evident in her artwork. She creates cards, notebooks, wrapping paper, brooches and calendars often featuring woodland creatures and starry skies. She uses recycled paper to print the paper goods and reuses packaging to mail her products. Her products are aimed at animal lovers and environmentally friendly shoppers who appreciate fine art. Find more of her products in her online store.