Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Meticulous and Detailed Embroidered Artwork by Ekaterina Nikitina

Russian embroidery artist Ekaterina Nikitina creates fabulous artwork using needle and thread. Her embroideries are detailed and often have a story to tell to the viewer. She embroiders animals, men and women figures depicted in their natural environment. The main subject in each of her piece has a breath-taking landscape that sparks life into her work. Lovers kissing under a starry night, a sailor girl gazing at the open sea and a woman taking a swim among other creatures of the water are some of the scenes she creates meticulously one stitch at a time. Her stunning embroideries are available in the form of brooches, it's like wearing an art piece on your jacket.

You can find more of her work on Instagram, she showcases her creations under the name of beskonechnayaistoriya. You can find her contact information on her page in case you are interested in purchasing one of her embroideries or have any question regarding her work.