Monday, March 21, 2016

Incredible Tasmanian Masked Owl Cake

Rhiannon is a self-taught cake decorator who graduated in Zoology and is fiercely passionate about wildlife conservation. She made this stunning Tasmanian Masked Owl cake for an art project called Losing Altitude on deviantART. The collaborated project between 50 artists celebrates the beauty of, and raising awareness about the plight of, endangered birds. 

The cake is a masterpiece full of intricate and mind-boggling detail. The cake is built in two pieces, the base and the body. The wire structure is attached to the rice crispy base on which the owl is shaped using chocolate cake, and then smothered in whipped chocolate ganache. The hundreds of feathers are individually handcut, embossed, hand painted and attached to the cake. The colors and the texture is amazing. Truly a wonderfully executed cake.

She has written an informative post on her blog about these amazing creatures and what can we do to save these endangered species. Take a look!


JCotton said...

That is unbelievable! What beautiful detail on this lovely cake - too good to eat!