Friday, March 18, 2016

A 100-Year-Old Church Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Colorful Murals by Okuda San Miguel

The 100 year old historic church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias was originally designed by Asturian architect Manuel del Busto in 1912, it was abandoned for many years and was in ruins, until Fern├índez Rey came across it. He and his friends formed an association and called it the ‘Church Brigade,’ to raise funds to build a ramp out of his love of skateboarding. With help from online fundraising and Red Bull, the church was salvaged and turned into an art filled public skate park now called Kaos Temple.

The artist Okuda San Miguel was commissioned to cover every square inch of the the walls and vaulted ceilings with his signature style geometric figures featuring owl, skull, bird etc. in bright and breathtaking patterns. ‘It’s like my personal Sistine Chapel’ he said. Watch the video to learn about Okuda's inspiration behind the stunning work of the Kaos temple and his other works around the world that he has done in the past. (Via thisiscolossal)