Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Package Design: Awake Energy Granola

Remember this post on Awake Caffeinated Chocolate I did a while ago. Now the brand has launched Awake Energy Granola that promises the caffeine that you need to wake you up plus a boost of vitamins so you can keep going the whole day. Awake Granola is designed by Tether Inc. a design company founded by Stanley Hainsworth. The bar claims to be a smart snack and to deliver the message the brand chose the spokes owl Nevil. 

“AWAKE Energy Granola marks the first major extension for this brand, which won tired hearts across North America with its caffeinated chocolate bars. Aimed mostly at college students and millennials, the brand rests on a promise of ‘functional snacks’ delivered with the help of its charming spokes owl, Nevil.”

"For the granola offering, AWAKE added a whack of B vitamins and tweaked the storytelling just a skosh. Visually, the brand stays true to its nature with expressive lettering, quirky illustration, and atypical layouts. The granola veers off with even fresher color palettes and copy that puts more emphasis more outdoorsy and active use cases. But of course, the heart of the brand—Nevil the Owl—stays in the spotlight with his witty and wise messages of getting the most out of life.” - via.

The bar comes in four flavors- coconut apricot, cinnamon bun, dark chocolate caramel and dark chocolate peanut butter. Each flavor in its own color coordinated box featuring an owl graphic and hand drawn font in an exciting, bright color palette. 


Iris said...

I've tried their chocolate and liked it. I was afraid it'd have a weird aftertaste or similar with the added caffeine content. It did not and was delicious. I look forward to trying this new product too. Love the packaging as well. I'm waiting for them to produce an owl plush.

My Owl Barn said...

Thank you Iris for sharing your experience :) An owl plush is a fun idea!