Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Suzan Visser's Surreal Art

Suzan Visser is an illustrator and a visual artist born in 1967 in Maarsbergen, NL. While growing up she was surrounded by people who were artists which played a significant role in her becoming interested in arts. She studied at College of Fine Arts in the city of Utrecht and Drawing and Biology at Teachers College Utrecht.

In the beginning of her career she used to illustrate biology texts and gradually evolved to a unique style which is surreal as well as humorous in nature. The primary subject matter in her work are owls and other animals who often accompany people. These beings are depicted in a strange set up like that hippo seating in a wash basin looking at its reflection in the mirror. So funny! She will participate in a solo exhibition at Honingen Gallery from June 11 through 27, for more information on the show go here.