Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paper Sculptures by Suzanne Breakwell

Suzanne Breakwell was born in Coventry currently lives in Brighton, East Sussex with her family. She gained Higher National Diploma Photography at Bradford & Ilkley Community College, & then received graduate degree in BA(hons) Technical Arts Design for Film & Theatre at Wimbledon School of Art, London. Suzzane is a self-taught paper artist who creates gorgeous sculptures using wire, paper mache, corrugated paper, pages from books and cotton rag papers. For her pieces she gets inspiration from the natural world and it's rich flora and fauna. 

The artist shares on her website why she uses paper as the main medium for her work: "I adore paper as a medium & love the beauty & simplicity of creating my pieces from a medium that is so widely used in by so many on a daily basis. It’s the potential of the blank paper & what it might be able to become which sparks my imagination. I find the delicate yet strong characteristics of paper make it an interesting & versatile material to work with. It is this contradictory nature which fascinates me & its ability to continually reinvent itself never seizes to amaze & continues to push me forward developing new ideas & techniques."

The barn owl sculpture is a stunner! The tiny pieces of paper are shaped individually by hand to make feathers in different shapes and sizes. The paper feathers are left raw and rough at the edges to add texture. Her sculptures are brought to life by the use of colored paper and paper with text before they are mounted on oak stands.